Working Smarter To Boost Blog Traffic

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Working Smarter To Boost Blog Traffic

How To Boost Blog Traffic

Let’s review this blog from forex friend loan about working smarter to boost blog traffic. A home business blog is a great vehicle for becoming successful when marketing on the internet. One of the biggest challenges, however, is maintaining a constant flow of blog traffic to grow both your subscribers and sales.

Operating a home business blog involves effectively completing numerous tasks if you have intentions of successfully marketing on the internet. The root of your success will be in the amount of blog traffic you can attract. Immediately behind this will be the amount of loyalty you can generate with the blog reader to continue to return to your site.

A steady and returning flow of blog traffic is what is needed to firmly establish the site. There are many ‘strategy’ available in which you can generate traffic to your site, some are effective while others take more time than they are worth. One thing that goes without question, however, is that the foundation of the blog building process is built upon posting good quality information. Attracting visitors is one thing but giving them a reason to return is the role that the quality of your blog posting needs to fill. Since maintaining a blogging platform at the least takes a good amount of time, it is important to learn to work as efficiently as possible!


If your blog posting habits consist of frequent and quality updates than you are halfway home to increase your flow of traffic.

Some of the most effective ways to increase blog traffic are actually quite simple and strategic in nature. In fact, some of these techniques should already be part of your blogging routine. Let’s review 18 straightforward and uncomplicated blogging tips you start using today to increase your traffic and keep your readers returning and also building your list of subscribers.

18 Powerful Ways To Boost Blog Traffic

1. Use Keywords To Increase Blog Traffic
First, you want to use keywords throughout your blog. Doing so will not only draw readers to your blog but it will bring in individuals who are interested in the topic areas which your blog covers.

2. Give Your Readers A Reason To Visit Your Blog
In addition to offering free e-books via your blog, you want to find other ways to get readers to visit your blog. Try offering contests and valuable information which visitors will want to take advantage of. If they find that your blog is helpful they will keep reading it and tell their friends about it also which will increase blog traffic to your site.

3. Post Content Worth Viewing
As was mentioned above, at the core of the blog building process is quality information. Oh sure you can post just about any low-grade content you want, but when people come to view it, they will likely not return! First and foremost make sure your site is worth the visit!

4. Bookmark Your Best Posts
Creating good content for your blog posting needs will be time-consuming therefore you want to manage your time wisely. No matter how great the information you post may be, it will do you or anybody else little good if nobody knows it exists! You need to generate traffic and this task can also be time to consume, so here is where you learn to work smarter. Post your updates to social bookmarking sites and let the site members help you circulate it online. Of course, you only want to post quality information, but that should not be a problem since all your content will be of a high grade, right?

5. A Tweet Is Sweet
Little time or effort is needed to notify your followers on Twitter of your latest blog entry. If your post is intriguing enough they will share it with their followers as well! You do not necessarily need to have a large following for this to be effective, as long as others share your content. Just be sure what you post is worth sharing and you are good to go! There is something to be said about the amazing viral powers this particular social network site has!

6. Post ‘Pillar’ Articles
Upon the launch of your site, it is often suggested to compose a series of article-length posts to establish some immediate quality content to your site. These ‘pillar’ articles target teaching the reader something while helping to help the author develop some credibility.

Consider making it a ‘periodic’ habit of incorporating these types of entries into your blog posting routine. An occasional ‘infusion’ of such quality content will add to the satisfaction of the readers and increases your blog traffic.

7. Leave Comments On Other Blogs
You should already be visiting other blogs in your niche to get new ideas on topics and layout designs so become involved in their discussions. When appropriate leave comments that are useful and/or insightful for the other readers. In doing so leave a signature card that reflects a link back to your site. Over time if your comments are good enough people will visit your link to find out more about you and what you do.

8. Encourage Comments
Always allow comments on your site and encourage people to leave them. By letting the blog reader know you want to hear from them you are promoting more interaction on your site. Upon seeing signs of such interactions many visitors ‘passing by’ are then tempted to stick around and participate.

Remember blogs are first and foremost sites where visitors like to congregate and interact so ALWAYS promote that atmosphere!

9. Post Regularly
Post to your site on a regular basis so your readers will know what to expect from you. The fresher the content you have on your blog the more often not only will readers visit but also search engines. You now are developing a stronger loyalty to the reader while also increasing your search engine ranking. All this will ultimately add up to more readers which add up to more income if that is of any interest to you!

10. Elicit Comments
When blog posting does not be afraid to rattle cages or ruffle feathers with your readers. You want to ‘stimulate’ your readers with entries that get them thinking which will compel them to comment. The more they comment the more involved in your blog posting they will become therefore the more likely they will continue to return.

11. Respond to Comments
Do not leave your readers ‘hanging’ if they comment on something and you do not respond. This is not to say you need to respond to every comment but on only those that warrant a reply. The interactivity of a blog is what makes them so popular so do not kill this spirit by neglecting to reply when appropriate.

12. Invite Guest Bloggers
Be open to inviting an occasional guest blogger to leave a post on your site. This will help to ‘spice’ things up on your blog by injecting new ‘blood’ or perspective into it and will serve to increase the interest levels of your readers. It will also give you a new source of content and probably a much-needed break from your blogging duties.

13. Optimize Your Content
By selecting those keywords and phrases that are most relevant to your content you have a great start at optimizing it with these keywords. By taking your selected keywords you want to ‘strategically’ place them throughout the body of your post where the words fit in the best. Do not attempt to just stuff them into your content without careful consideration of where they are being placed. Your post will not make sense from a grammatical standpoint which will reflect upon you as a writer.

You do want to choose a primary keyword and place it in the title of your post.

By correctly choosing and placing your keywords you will be making your site more search engine friendly thereby making it easier for your content to be found and ranked. This, in turn, will result in higher rankings for you translating into more search engine traffic.

14. Page Linking
Your site will have multiple pages and it is best to make the effort to link these pages when you can. Page linking results when you place a link from one page on your site to another page that has similar or relevant content on it. What this does is it makes it easier for site visitors to find information on your site.

When you place internal links in this manner it also makes it easier for search engines to find all the relevant content your site offers. The net result here is that once again your ranking increases attracting more search engine traffic.

15. Offer Free E-books
A good way to get individuals hooked on your blog is to offer them something for free such as free e-books. E-books are multiple page writings which offer information and solutions on a variety of topics. Try to write an e-book or hire someone to do so and then post it on your blog. Advertise the free e-book over the Internet and by doing so you will ultimately increase the amount of traffic to your blog, please the readers and get them to come back for more.

16. Focus On One Specific Topic
You have to remember not to spread yourself too thin when writing a blog. You want the blog to focus on one specific area which will draw individuals to it by way of backlinks and search engines. By focusing on one area you will find that your blog traffic increases more than if you were to talk about various things on a random basis.

17. Sell Things Via Your Blog
Although some blog readers are just there to read the words and that’s all, many others are interested in making purchases along the way. With that said, you want to provide them with the opportunity to buy something while reading your blog, whether it be your own items or ones provided by outside companies through affiliate programs and pay per click programs.

18. Have The Main Point Of Your Blog
Most blog surfers do not want to read a blog which is circuitous in nature. They want to read a blog which has true depth and the main point of it. Therefore, make sure that your blog has a main point within it and gets to that point in each and every blog posting. This too will increase blog traffic for you.

A home business blog is a great platform for marketing on the internet provided certain tasks are routinely completed. The continual need to generate blog traffic is fundamental to your success as is nurturing the loyalty of the blog reader once they arrive. By implementing the 18 simple blogging tips we discussed above you should have no problem attracting and retaining all the traffic you will need to be successful online.

Developing and maintaining a steady flow of blog traffic is ultimately what the success of your site will be based upon. Everything starts with taking measures to ensure your blog posting consistently contains quality information that will encourage visitors to return. Creating an online awareness of your updates is equally important, and doing so in an efficient manner will leave you more time to create fresh content. quality information for your readers will help to give your site long-term success.

Working Smarter To Boost Blog Traffic